Solar cell price

The solar cell price in India varies on the basis of whether you want to install a solar panel for water heater or a regular solar battery charger. The prices can go further with the requirement of additional accessories.

Local Distributor or Manufacturer

When you want to install solar panels for large scale purpose, you would find that the prices offered by the local distributors are around 20% to 30% more compared to the manufacturers. When searching for solar cell price from a distributor, make sure that you make a thorough search. This is because there is a wide range of solar panels in the market, making things confusing. Solar panels are offered in various power ratings, sizes and color. Some of the leading dealers of solar cells in the country are Total Bp Solar, Photon Energy Solar, Topsun Solar and Indosolar.

Present Cost Scenario in India

Most of the raw material required for making solar panels in India is imported. The improvement in the number of manufacturers and the reduction in the cost of solar power production have been triggered in the country by the offering of grants and subsidies by the Indian government. In addition, there has been a surge in the awareness about the ecological positives of relying upon solar energy.

The usage of solar panels means contributing to the welfare of the environment as it reduces the depletion rate of other natural resources. The solar cell price in India may be more compared to that in the UK and USA where solar energy is more popular, but India is taking major strides in not only bringing down the price but also to increase the use of solar power.

Today, the sale of solar panels have increased significantly in the country as more and more homeowners and business-owners are serious about converting their homes and businesses green. And, there has been a surge in the number of factories installed in India that offer competitive prices for solar panels.

Average Cost of Solar Cells

As an average, the solar cell price of 1 Sq. Ft. of solar panel in India comes to around Rs. 4,500. This is sufficient to generate solar power of 10.6 Watts. So, when is about powering home appliances like Television and Refrigerator you would have to install around 60 solar panels.

Factors Affecting Solar cell price

The solar cell price can vary on the basis of different factors, the major ones being the product dimensions and the special needs of the customers. The location of delivery and the panel type also have a bearing on the price of the panels. Once solar panels are completely charged, you can draw energy for up to 3 or 5 days based upon the level of usage. But, since the panels continue charging if sunlight is available, there is a constant supply of electricity. It is only during the winters or rainy seasons that you would have to consider switching between electricity grid and solar power. However, with reduction in solar cell price and new development in technology scientists are looking forward to create develop solar panels that can generate power even in cloudy conditions.